The VSAOC Used Textbook Store has been created to help you find the best possible prices for textbooks. Textbooks are expensive and students benefit from the reduced price of used textbooks, while also benefitting by being able to sell used textbooks on a consignment basis, to realize an even greater cost saving. Students can bring in their used textbooks year round, but our biggest intake of books is in the last week of August, and the first week of January.    Students bringing the books to the VSAOC office sell them on consignment.  All used books sell for 70% of the current new price, and the student will get 60% of the current new price. This is the best deal on campus for students! Students are paid for their books when they sell, with cheques being generated in the third or fourth weeks of September and January.

This service is wholly owned and operated by the Vernon Students’ Association – Okanagan College.

Selling Books

At the VSAOC Used Bookstore, you can sell your textbooks on a two-year consignment basis. The VSAOC Used Bookstore offers you, the student, the best deal on campus for your used textbooks. You receive 60% of the current new price, and you are paid only when your books sell. Textbooks typically have a short shelf life, so don’t let your textbooks sit at home alone for too long! Bring them in so they can be used and make you some extra cash!

Purchasing Books

With the ever increasing costs of textbooks and tuition, why buy new textbooks when you can purchase used ones and save yourself a bundle in cash? The VSAOC Used Bookstore sells textbooks to students as a service to benefit all students. Drop by the store to see if you can save some cash by purchasing used textbooks. Think of it from this perspective: if you purchase used textbooks and then turn around and sell them at the Used Bookstore, you only pay 10% of the current new price for the use of those textbooks!

Cheque Payout Policy

Cheques are printed throughout the year, as textbooks sell. During the first three weeks of each new term, cheques are not printed, as this is the peak selling period. The first run of cheques are typically prepared during the fourth week of each term. There are two ways in which you can receive your cheque:

  1. You can come into the store and get it in person. Don’t forget to bring some photo ID!
  2. We can mail it to you. Provide us with a self-addressed stamped envelope and we will gladly send your cheque via mail.


Each term, the VSAOC prepares a booklist which is used to determine which textbooks we will accept for consignment, as well as for establishing the consignment and selling prices for students used textbooks. Please check this list prior to bringing in your used textbooks for consignment.

You can access a copy of the most recent booklist by downloading the document here:

Please note that this list will be updated every few days. Also, please note that any cells highlighted in colour contain listings for courses and books that have not yet been confirmed for the current term. 

Used Book List – VSAOC – Winter 2020

Used Book List – VSAOC – Fall 2019

Used Book List – VSAOC – Winter 2019

Used Book List – VSAOC – Fall 2018

Used Book List – VSAOC – Winter 2018

Used Book List – VSAOC – Fall 2017

VSAOC Used Book List – Winter 2017

VSAOC Used Book List – Fall 2016

VSAOC Used Book List – Winter 2016

VSAOC Used Book List – Fall 2015

Hours & Location

The VSAOC Used Bookstore is located in the VSAOC offices (C312A & C312B). You can visit the Used Bookstore Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Please note, that there are times the store is closed during these hours, in order for the VSAOC to conduct other business.

 Consignment Cheques for January 2020 have been processed, printed and signed as of January 30, 2020 at 2:00 PM. Please check with Eric in the VSAOC office (C312A) to see if there is a cheque for you.