The Vernon Students’ Association – Okanagan College is an organization which strives to meet the needs of students attending Vernon Campus.

Our goals for the 2023/2024 year include:

  • Making services for students cost effective (such as bus passes, student fees, events, etc.).
  • Improving campus life by making recreational activities and events available for students.
  • Enhancing the learning environment at the Vernon Campus.
  • Helping to foster a safe and welcoming campus for all students.
  • Recognizing and celebrating diversity, while providing an open, accepting atmosphere.
  • Advocating for students’ educational and non-educational needs.
  • Working together with other student associations/unions, while maintaining our independence as an organization to serve the students attending the Vernon Campus.

Each council member aims to accomplish these goals via active participation in all areas, which directly relate to students.

The VSAOC is the means by which we are able to positively affect the lives of students and help improve all aspects of the Vernon Campus.