Why a student health and dental plan?

Costs for dental and health services are at an all time high and show no sign of reprieve. Students on fixed incomes are especially susceptible to these increases, and the last thing on which they want to spend these fixed monies is an unforeseen accident, dental or medical procedure. Missing classes or study time can have monumental consequences for students. Considering these points, the VSAOC has worked to design and implement a reasonably priced health and dental insurance plan. This plan can aid students in maintaining a quality of health, which can ensure that avoidable medical emergencies do not endanger the pursuit of their studies.

Why is the plan mandatory?

With a mandatory plan, the insurance risk is spread over a larger number of students, thereby lowering the cost per student, making the fee in a range that is affordable to students. An individual health and dental plan can cost as much as 5 times the current student fee.

Is this plan the same as my provincial health care?

No. The VSAOC Student Benefits Plan is an extended health and dental plan, which supplements your existing provincial health care. It DOES NOT replace your provincial health care.

How do I enrol for coverage?

You are automatically enrolled provided you meet the eligibility enrolment criteria:

1.  you are a member of the VSAOC,

2.  you are enrolled in an applicable program,

3.  you meet the full-time criteria for your program,

4.  you are residing in Canada, and

5.  you are under the age of 70

How do I pay the fees?

The fees for the health and dental plans will be assessed automatically by the institution at registration, if you meet the eligibility criteria previously listed.

What if I already have coverage?

Co-ordination of Benefits

Benefits under the two plans can be co-ordinated to increase your coverage up to a total of 100% of the actual expense(s) incurred. For example, following payment under this plan you can submit outstanding balances to the other plan for consideration.

Opting-out of the Student Benefits

If you are an eligible student and have comparable health and/or dental coverage, you may apply to opt-out of the benefits. Each student is given one opportunity to opt-out of the benefits under the health and/or dental plan(s) each year. All opt-out forms and applicable fees must be received by the applicable deadline for the semester period of enrolment. Approval of opt-out forms will result in the plan fee being credited or refunded.

There will be no exceptions or extensions for students who fail to submit their completed opt-out form via mystudentplan.ca prior to the applicable deadline.

Once your opt-out has been accepted, this opt-out will remain in force for one acadmeic year. If comparable coverage, used to opt-out of the student plan(s), terminates, you have 30 days from the loss of coverage to notify the VSAOC Office in order to be covered under the health and/or dental plan(s). Confirmation of loss of coverage is also required on re-application for coverage.

If comparable coverage for your family terminates, you have 30 days from the loss of coverage to notify the VSAOC Office in order for your family to be covered under the health and/or dental plan(s). It is your responsibility to apply for benefits and provide payment of the family coverage fee prior to the 30 day deadline.

Only the VSAOC Office can process your opt-out.

Fees & Opt-outs

The VSAOC manages the Student Health and Dental Plan. This plan is mandatory for all students enrolled in three (3) or more courses. The plan has been established by the VSAOC through Gallivan and Associates Student Networks to provide students with health and dental benefits. The fees for both health and dental are automatically charged to each student along with their Association fees and course fees when they enroll.


The fees for this plan are as follows:

1. Extended Health (per term) $62.00

2. Dental (per term) $70.00

Students enrolled in an academic program receive a full year of coverage from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022. For Trades and Continuing Studies students, health and dental fees will be determined on a proportionate scale to their time in the program of study.


If students have existing comparable coverage (through family, spouse, work, etc.) they can choose to either bundle the benefits and use both plan packages, or they can opt-out of the student health and dental fees through mystudentplan.ca. If students choose to opt-out of the fees, they must complete a Student Benefits Opt-out form and attach proof of existing insurance (photocopy of benefits card). The student is responsible for submitting the completed opt-out form to mystudentplan.ca prior to the determined opt out date. There are no exceptions past this date.

Deadlines for submitting opt-outs:

All students wishing to opt-out of the mandatory student extended health and dental plan coverage must complete the online opt-out within thirty (30) days of the start date for their applicable program of study. There are no exceptions to this requirement.


Family Add Ons & Prices

Can I add my family to the plan(s)?

Each year, you are given one opportunity to purchase family coverage for your spouse and/or dependant(s) by completing an application form at the VSAOC office and paying the family coverage fee. All family add-on forms and applicable fees must be received by the applicable deadlinefor the semester period of enrollment. Your family can only be covered while you are a student on the plan(s).

Please note: Your optional family add-on is not automatically renewed. In order for your family add-on to continue, you must purchase the coverage each benefit year before the applicable deadline. FAMILY ADD-ON FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Fees for Family Add-ons:

Health only single and multiple member add-on $126.38/year
Dental only single member add-on $220.00/year
Dental only multiple member add-on $290.00/year
Health and Dental add-on single member $346.38/year
Health and Dental add-on multiple member $416.38/year

Benefits & Cards

For a complete listing of the eligible benefits provided by the Student Health and Dental Plan, please visit mystudentplan.ca

The VSAOC Benefits Card is an important piece of identification that will ease access to your benefits. All benefits cards are available through an online registration process. Students are encouraged to complete the online registration early in the term and cards will be approved upon confirmation of fee payment in late September of each year. Students will receive electronic copies of their benefits cards once they have registered for a card, and once it has been approved by the VSAOC office. Register for your benefits card here mystudentplan.ca

Black-out Period

The black-out period begins on the first day of coverage (September 1st for most students) and is generally around 25 days in duration. During this period the VSAOC is in the process of updating the enrollment list with opt-outs and additions, and waiting for an official list of students who have paid their student health and dental fees from OC Administration. The updated enrollment list is sent to Gallivan and Canada Life to be uploaded onto their database after the end of the opt-out period. Once the list of members has been uploaded, active coverage begins. 

Any health or dental costs that are incurred during the blackout period will not be eligible for the direct billing option and members are advised to save all receipts for covered costs. After the end of the black out period you will be able to submit a claim with your expense receipts to Canada Life.  Canada Life will then mail you a reimbursement cheque for all of the costs that are covered under the plan, or direct deposit the money into your account if you filed an e-claim. 

Please visit the mystudentplan.ca helpful website to print out your health and dental reimbursement forms. The VSAOC offices are located in C 312A & C 312B.