Lost & Found

The VSAOC operates a Lost and Found Service. Contact the office at 250-545-7291 Ext. 2213 to inquire about lost items, and please take any found items to the VSAOC offices located in C312A & C312B.

Mobile Power Pack

For when you have left your lights on and your battery is dead! The VSAOC can provide you with the power pack to get your vehicle started again. Students must leave their drivers license at the VSAOC office as a deposit. If you are unsure of the procedure for boosting your car, the VSAOC staff will generously assist you.

VSAOC Information Boards

The VSAOC has an information board up outside of the VSAOC offices for VSAOC information about events, meetings and things going on around campus. Please ensure that you check this board frequently as it is constantly updated and provides key information that YOU need to know about. We also provide information via the Vernon Campus TV Announcement system. Please do NOT post anything on these boards.