Student Initiatives Program

Are you a student who has an excellent project in mind that could help benefit the campus community? Are you a group of students who are fundraising to start a new a service or attend a conference? If you are a Vernon Students’ Association – Okanagan College member and have a great initiative that would help benefit the campus community, we encourage you to apply for our Student Initiatives program. All you need to do is fill in the paper work for your individual application and we will consider each application and let you know if we can help financially or through letters of support. We know how important it is when a project is in the start-up phase and we would love to help out if we can.

Fill in the Student Initiatives Individual Funding Application: 2018-2019 Individual Student Initiatives Application Form – VSAOC

The Financial Aid Hotline phone is located in the library, to the right of the entrance doors.