Brigitte Zinck

Hi my name is Brigitte. I am in my second year of my associate degree. My goal is to be a teacher, and I enjoy helping people achieve their goals. I am looking forward to participating in the many student council events this coming year.

Karolina Beganova

Hello, my name is Karolina. I'm a second-year Arts student and this is my first year on student council. I am hoping to pursue a career in Special Education in high schools. I'm passionate about a sustainable future, healthy living, and advocating for others.

Delaney Tetrault

Hello everyone! My name is Delaney Tetrault and I am in my first year of student council and the associate of arts program at OC! My deepest desire is to dedicate my life daily to loving people through the outlet of teaching!

Skyler Summerfelt

Hi, my name is Skyler Summerfelt, and I am a second year student representative. If you need help, feel free to contact me via email.

Kayla Hillard

Hi my name is Kayla. This is my second year on student council. I am currently working my way towards an Electrical Engineering Tech Diploma. I am looking forward to college life, and to helping plan some amazing events, and making this the best year of your college experience.

Alyvia Fair

Hello! My name is Alyvia and this is my second year on student council. I am so excited to make new friends and help organize events while working with my peers! I am also excited to say that I am the human rights representative! I love talking to people and helping others. If you ever want someone to talk to, don't hesitate to contact me, I'd love to be friends.

Brad Kaludis

Brad Kaludis

VP External

Hi my name is Brad Kaludis. This is my second year in the VSAOC. I am a Human Service Worker student. I'm very out-going and friendly, so if you see me in the halls feel free to introduce yourself.

Sarah Noble

Sarah Noble


My name is Sarah Noble and I’m in my first year of my associate of arts degree, working towards my Bachelor of Education. Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn't know before you learned it!

Eric Reist

Eric Reist

General Manager

Hi my name is Eric Reist, and I am in my thirteenth year with the VSAOC. As the General Manager, I am fortunate to work with committed, energetic and insightful students who wish to make a difference, and who wish to make positive contributions to the OC community. If during the year, you have questions, concerns or suggestions related to the services we provide, please visit me in the VSAOC offices (C312A & C312B). Cell Phone: 250-306-2891