Students attending Okanagan College (Vernon Campus) are required to pay student association fees. These fees are in addition to tuition, and they are collected by the College on behalf of the student association. The student association, in turn, uses these fees to fund the wide array of services that the VSAOC provides to students attending the Vernon Campus. The VSAOC is always sensitive to the needs of students, and ensures that fees are not raised without giving full consideration to the impact upon students. All fee increases are approved via a democratic process, in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws.

To ensure that students’ money is effectively managed, the VSAOC participates in an annual financial review process to ensure that it remains financially accountable and transparent. Every year an external accounting firm conducts a full financial review of the VSAOC’s bookkeeping and financial procedures to ensure that no mismanagement has occurred and that the finances are transparent. The accounting firm prepares a package, including financial statements, for the fiscal year, and this package is presented to the members at the Annual General Meeting.

Please note that student health and dental fees are separate from the Student Association fees. To find the amount for student health and dental fees, please look under Services menu, then Student Extended Health & Dental Plan.


The fee schedule (Student Association Dues) for the academic year 2022/2023 is as follows:

  1. Full-time students – $91.80 per semester
  2. ACCP students – $10.00 per course
  3. Capital Fund – $8.50 per semester
  4. Trades students – fees are based upon a formula which takes into account the length of the program