We hope that you’ll find this a useful and easily accessible resource.

This website is a key way for us to communicate with you and contains information regarding your Student Association, your Health and Dental Plan, upcoming events, all our student services, and it is updated constantly.

The VSAOC lets you access all the information about what is going on currently around campus from anywhere at anytime.

Check out the Housing Registry, or look for a job in the Employment/Services Job Bank.IMG_1654

2016/2017 election results can be found in the sidebar. The members officially assume their positions on May 1, 2016.  Deirdra, Tom, David, Quinn, Michael, Kim and Marie are all incumbents returning for another year, which will ensure continuity from this year to the next.

Bi-Elections will be conducted in September 2016 to encourage some of the new first year students to join council.

If you have any questions please contact Eric at the VSAOC office.

Check Out the Photo Gallery of  Our Campus Food Drive – November 2015

Events Calendar for 2015-2016 OOHLALA – Find out what is happening on campus now!