Coronavirus (COVID – 19) Info

September 9, 2020 Update:

As a result of COVID-19, we have ceased all physical operations of our used bookstore. Sadly, after over twenty years of providing this valuable and well-accessed student service, this service will not be available for the remainder of the 2020-2021 academic school year. While we spent many long hours carefully designing an online used bookstore to replace this vital service, we have been unable to resolve a number of logistical obstacles related to the ability for students to receive purchased textbooks. Our goal is to always provide positive student experiences. In this case we were not confident we could do this, so we have chosen to not launch our online used bookstore.

Our decision was also guided by the realization that our used book inventory was at an all time low, as the abrupt closure of the campus in the spring prevented us from receiving books on consignment after the end of last term. We also have not been able to develop a reasonable plan for students to place their books on consignment with us in a manner that would ensure the safety of everyone involved. This adds to the inventory issue. We apologize for the inconvenience this will create for you as students. We recognize the value of this service, and hope to offer it again in the future.

VSAOC Office Closure

As a result of the risks associated with coronavirus COVID-19, we are taking the proactive measure of the closing the VSAOC office, effective immediately, for an indefinite period of time. During the office closure, you are able to reach out to Eric at any time for assistance with all of the services we provide to students. Please feel free to contact Eric via email or cell 250-306-2891. 

Any student wishing to access the student food bank, can contact Eric for an appointment time to gain access the this vital service. 

We will post updates to the VSAOC app and to our Facebook pages. 

Here is a PDF outlining some of the services we provide during these uncertain times: VSAOC - Orientation Day 2020 - Overview of services

Waiver for Student Health & Dental Plan

If students have existing comparable coverage (through family, spouse, work, etc.) they can choose to either bundle the benefits and use both plan packages, or they can waive the student health and dental fees through If students choose to waive the fees, they must complete an online Student Benefits Waiver form. The student is responsible for submitting the completed waiver form to prior to the determined opt out date. There are no exceptions past this date. Deadlines for submitting waivers: All students wishing to waive the mandatory student extended health and dental plan coverage must complete the online waiver within thirty (30) days of the start date for their applicable program of study. There are no exceptions to this requirement.      

Student Smart Phone App – Get the VSAOC App Here



Okanagan College – Vernon Campus – Kickoff to Orientation Day – September 2020

We are excited to host Kick Off, a one-day event to welcome new students to Okanagan College! Join us for a day of fun and get to know the campus, meet other students and receive some important info that all first year students should know about. As a result of COVID-19, this year our Orientation Day will likely look a little different. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, here is a short video that outlines some of the student services provided by the VSAOC:

Here is a PDF outlining some of the services we provide during these uncertain times: VSAOC - Orientation Day 2020 - Overview of services

Here is direct link to the OC website containing information about 2020 Orientation Day for the Vernon Campus:




Let’s Get Consensual Campaign

The VSAOC has partnered with Okanagan College to launch a campaign designed to stimulate awareness and dialogue on campus about the issue of consent and Okanagan College’s sexual violence and sexual misconduct policy and supports. We will be launching some events and actions shortly to begin this campaign. Check out some of the consent videos we have posted below: