Okanagan College – Vernon Campus Kick Off to Orientation Day – September 4, 2018

We are excited to host Kick Off, a one-day event to welcome new students to Okanagan College! Join us for a day of fun and get to know the campus, meet other students and receive some important info that all first year students should know about. There will be a free lunch, with prizes, games, and of course, great food!

Okanagan College - Vernon Campus - Kickoff to Orientation Day Agenda - September 4, 2018

Orientation Day Flyer



Waiver for Student Health & Dental Plan

If students have existing comparable coverage (through family, spouse, work, etc.) they can choose to either bundle the benefits and use both plan packages, or they can waive the student health and dental fees through mystudentplan.ca. If students choose to waive the fees, they must complete an online Student Benefits Waiver form. The student is responsible for submitting the completed waiver form to mystudentplan.ca prior to the determined opt out date. There are no exceptions past this date. Deadlines for submitting waivers: All students wishing to waive the mandatory student extended health and dental plan coverage must complete the online waiver within thirty (30) days of the start date for their applicable program of study. There are no exceptions to this requirement.      

Student Smart Phone App – Get the VSAOC App Here



Elected Student Council Members 2018/2019

Here are the elected members of your student council for 2017/2018:

  • Tom LeNeveu
  • Marie Beaudoin
  • Alyvia Fair
  • Brad Kaludis
  • Tyler Hallstrom
  • Emily Gunning
  • Nathan Nesbitt
  • Skyler Summerfelt
  • Danielle Scott
  • Kayla Hillard

Let’s Get Consensual Campaign

The VSAOC has partnered with Okanagan College to launch a campaign designed to stimulate awareness and dialogue on campus about the issue of consent and Okanagan College’s sexual violence and sexual misconduct policy and supports. We will be launching some events and actions shortly to begin this campaign. Check out some of the consent videos we have posted below: